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Ready to free yourself from home upkeep and embark on a new adventure? At SpiriTrust Lutheran®, The Village at Luther Ridge, you’ll enjoy active, independent retirement living in a maintenance-free cottage that suits your taste at a cost that fits your budget. View our photo gallery for a glimpse of life in our welcoming community.

Your comfortable Residential Living residence is only the beginning of community life. Because our faith-based community is such an integral part of the Chambersburg community, you may find that you know many of the residents and staff before you move in! Every day, you’ll discover new activities and explore new interests. Life at The Village at Luther Ridge is as rich in experiences as it is in friendship.

Residents and families also have peace of mind, knowing that Personal Care and SpiriTrust Lutheran® Home Care & Hospice, are available if needed. A Skilled Care Center will open at Luther Ridge  in 2018.

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Residential Living FAQs

Why should I choose The Village at Luther Ridge?

There are many reasons to choose our senior living community. Some people choose us because of our spectacular mountain views, active social and cultural life or our close proximity to the attractions of York, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Baltimore and Washington, D.C. Others move here to be close to their adult children and grandchildren in the Chambersburg area. Still others currently live in the Chambersburg area and want to maintain their ties to community organizations, churches, family and friends.

Last, The Village at Luther Ridge is a wonderful choice because it is backed by the strength of SpiriTrust Lutheran®. SpiriTrust Lutheran® is a faith-based, not-for-profit provider of senior citizen housing and other services, which places people before profits. At SpiriTrust Lutheran®, we don’t just serve the community; we are actively involved in it. Our role is to provide the foundation for a healthy community by offering access to quality care, services and lifestyle options. We are firmly committed to ensuring that community needs are met.

Must I be a member of a Lutheran church to be accepted for admission?

No. Our mission to serve was born out of faith — faith that guides every decision we make about those who turn to us for care. That faith is what sets us apart. While our beliefs are firmly rooted in our Lutheran heritage, we recognize that faith is different for everyone. We warmly welcome those with differing faith journeys and life experiences.

Do I have to be a resident of The Village at Luther Ridge to be admitted to a Personal Care residence?

 No; however, current residents of our retirement community have priority access to this higher level of care. Visit our Personal Care page to learn more.

What if I need access to Skilled Care or Rehabilitation Services?

As a resident of Luther Ridge, you will have priority access to Skilled Care and Rehabilitation Services at all of our communities. We are also opening a brand-new Skilled Care Center at Luther Ridge in 2018.

Is there a minimum age for residency?

Yes. Residents must be at least 62. In cases where couples or co-residents would like to join our retirement living community, one partner must be 62, and the other must be at least 55.

Will I have an opportunity to garden?

Absolutely! The Village at Luther Ridge has a thriving community garden and the fruits and vegetables are shared among residents and staff. Also, we encourage residents to plant flowers in the beds surrounding their cottages.

Are pets permitted?

Yes. Unlike some types of senior citizen housing, we are a pet-friendly retirement community. A maximum of two house pets, i.e., dogs, cats or birds are welcome. Pets must be leashed and have current vaccinations. Any pet-related damage is the responsibility of the resident.

Is smoking permitted in residences?

No. All of our senior living communities, including The Village at Luther Ridge, are smoke-free. It is our desire to offer a safe and healthy retirement living environment.

May a guest visit overnight?

Guests are always welcome to visit and stay in your home for up to two weeks.

What type of heat is in the cottages?

It varies from cottage to cottage.

As a resident of The Village at Luther Ridge, what type of insurance should I have to protect my personal possessions?

You need renter’s insurance in amounts that will be explained by the director of senior living sales and marketing (DSM). You should also retain your health, auto, liability, life and long-term care insurance coverage, if applicable, just as though you were living outside of a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC).

Do I need long-term care insurance to move to The Village at Luther Ridge?

While it’s not mandatory, long-term care insurance might help to cover the costs of Personal Care services or Home Health Care services. If you have long-term care insurance, please check the terms of your policy.

May I upgrade my appliances, carpet or fixtures; paint my walls; or add a sunroom or screened porch?

Upgrades, remodeling and additions to resident cottages must be discussed in advance with the director of senior living sales and marketing (DSM). If approved, any modifications will be at the resident’s expense.

If a modification to my residence is approved, must I contract for the work myself, or will it be done through SpiriTrust Lutheran®?

The director of senior living sales and marketing (DSM) will price upgrades, remodeling and additions. An estimate will be provided to the resident in writing and, upon agreement, will be performed either by SpiriTrust Lutheran® team members or an outside contractor hired by SpiriTrust Lutheran®.

Is staff housekeeping available apart from or in addition to my monthly plan?

You can purchase housekeeping and additional maintenance services according to your needs. For further information, please refer to our Schedule of Charges.

Are there additional costs or fees other than the monthly fees after I move-in?

While many of your living expenses and utilities are included, there are variations by residence types. Additionally there are some services, programs and trips which may interest you that have additional cost.

Are there any hidden fees similar to condominium or maintenance fees?

There are no hidden charges.  

If I live in a Residential Living unit, then need extra assistance, can I move into a Personal Care setting? How is the transition handled?

An advantage of moving to our retirement living community is that it offers both Residential Living and Personal Care, each with its own life-enriching activities and programs. Residents can move from one level of care to the next as needed and appropriate. Visit our Personal Care page to learn more. Skilled Care and Rehabilitation are available at our other communities if needed.

What happens to my cottage if I move to Personal Care?

If you move from Residential Living to Personal Care, you would continue to pay your monthly fee for your cottage until relinquished, as well as the per-diem rate for Personal Care.

Does Medicare cover some of the costs of Personal Care?

No. Medicare is your health insurance and does not cover Personal Care. Medicare frequently covers Skilled Care and Rehabilitation for up to 100 days following at least three (3) days in the hospital. A co-pay is required after twenty (20) days. For more information about Medicare, contact the Social Security Administration at 800.772.1213.

How do I join the waiting list?

Your name will be added to the waiting list simply by completing an application and submitting it with a $250 application fee. A financial disclosure form is part of the application.

Once I am placed on the waiting list, am I allowed to turn down a home should one become available? Is there a limit to the number of times I can turn down a home without consequence?

You can turn down any unit offered; however, after your second refusal of a particular type of unit, you will be dropped to the bottom of the waiting list for that unit. Your status on the lists for other types of units will remain unchanged.

If my funds deplete, will I be asked to leave SpiriTrust Lutheran®?

No. As long as you abide by the rules and regulations of SpiriTrust Lutheran®, have not unethically spent down your funds, and maintain your eligibility for medical assistance and other third-party reimbursements, you will not be required to leave.

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